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Soft and Comfy: How to Get the Best Sofa for Your House?

Living rooms are composed of traditional and basic stuff like a center table, television and the favorite one is the sofa. After long working hours, all you want is to relax, look at the ceiling while sitting down on your cushioned sofa. You might not notice it, but your upholstered sofa doesn’t just offer style […]

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What Is Good Type of Soil to Grow Cannabis?

If you want to grow cannabis in the soil, unless you prefer to use Gardens of Cascade brand soil, which makes the soil specifically cannabis-friendly, following are few things you have to consider. Few important considerations for cannabis soil – Following quality of soil is important for cannabis soil: Texture Water retention Drainage ability Although […]

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How you can use your curtains and blinds to be more than a window shade

Curtains and blinds are really useful and functional parts of a home, especially in countries where they are often experiencing the sunny weather, like Singapore. They are often used as a window shade to control the amount of sunlight entering the home. However, many have only thought of them as a “sunlight blocker” or “drape […]

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