A Basic Guide for Tree Lopping


Lopping the trees in your garden is very important. If you do not properly maintain the trees and shrubs in your garden, it could cause serious problems. If the branches of the tree grow long enough to touch the roof of your house, they could provide entry for all kinds of pests. You don’t even know the sheer number of pests that live in your garden and your trees, so letting them in your house is a bad idea. Unfortunately, most people don’t know anything about lopping trees in the garden, and many often make futile attempts at it to clean their garden. However, you don’t really have to do that. Here is a brief guide for tree lopping that you should follow.

Search for a Professional Company

There are several professional companies that offer services for tree lopping in Fremantle. Instead of trying to bring down the tree on your own, you should consider calling a professional. There are many branches that might have to be trimmed, and then, in some cases, parts of the tree might need to be removed as well.  When you first call a professional company for tree lopping, they are going to visit your property and check the trees that are overgrown. Depending upon the amount of work to be done, they are going to give you an affordable quote. You can then decide whether the services are worth it or not.

Discuss a Plan

Before the lopping begins, the company is going to tell you exactly what they are going to do. A slight problem arises if there is a bird’s nest in the trees or not. If that’s the case, you will need to make a decision about whether to remove those particular branches or not. They are going to ask you for permission and give their own recommendations about how the work should be done. If there’s a large tree on your property that needs to be cut down completely, the process is going to be very different.

Cutting a Large Tree

If there’s a big tree, the first thing that the company will do is arrange for a crane so that the large tree top is removed from the property without falling over any side and causing damage to your property. They will devise a complete strategy for cutting the tree just above the stump, and then grinding the remaining part of the stump all the way into the ground. It’s a much better idea to call a professional for lopping the tree instead of doing it all by yourself, as there’s a serious risk of injury as well. These are just a few things that you should know about lopping a tree.