A Clean and Beautiful Kitchen with Splashbacks


The kitchen can be a tricky place to decorate. It is a room that is mostly meant to be functional. The amount of messes that happen in the kitchen makes it difficult to decorate with certain materials. The floors, for example, are usually made of tile for easy clean up when spills happen. The counters and walls can also become dirty with constant cooking and food preparation. Splashbacks are a great option to protect the walls of your kitchen. These are often made of tile or glass. The great part about splashbacks is that they can be designed to match many different styles. It can be fun to choose the different colours and patterns.


Many people choose neutral tones to make sure their kitchen décor can be changed at any time. If you like to change your colour scheme over the years, this may be the best option. You can do this by choosing earth tones such as browns and greys. If you are committed to the colours in your kitchen, you have many more options. You can add a subtle amount of colour to accent your decorative items, or try something bold to really make the kitchen stand out.


Many people get used to the idea of tile or glass laid out in a standard pattern with evenly spaced squares. There are however, a variety of designs that can be added to the wall. Glass splashbacks for kitchens in Perth can be designed to add artistic flair to your kitchen. This can be done with different sizes and shapes. You can even plan a mosaic for a unique addition. For those that prefer something simple, a clear glass sheet can be placed over a painted wall, this can be nice for continuing your wall colour throughout the entire kitchen.

Keeping it Clean

Splashbacks are placed in kitchens because of the constant mess that goes along with the use of food. They are made to be durable and easy to take care of. Most versions only have to be cleaned with a cloth and spray cleaner. You may even clean many materials with a mildly abrasive sponge. This can help to loosen any food that has become stuck to the splashback. When a splashback is not installed in a kitchen, the wall can become extremely dirty. Grease from cooking is incredibly harmful to painted walls. Unsightly stains can be a regular part of life when you do not install a protective barrier.

Your kitchen does not have to be boring to function well. There are many ways to sneak some colour or style into the area. A splashback is just one of the ways to make your kitchen more interesting. Many people use decorative towels, dishes, and containers to add some colour. Your splashback can be made to coordinate with these efforts. Your kitchen is sure to look more inviting when you add a little style.