Adding Extensions to Your Home on the Central Coast


Everyone dreams of their perfect home, but surprisingly few people seek to attain it. Decades ago, building your own home was a goal only reachable by the elite and very wealthy. These days, however, renovating or adding an extension to your home can be affordable and relatively easy, as long as you hire the right builder.

Whether it’s renovating a kitchen, adding an extension to open up your dining area, or even remodelling a granny flat, there are endless options and possibilities as to what you can do with your home without breaking the bank. If you live in the Central Coast, renovations and extensions are simple and affordable. Many quality professionals can help you build or redesign the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Extensions to Be the Envy of All

Building a dream home can take up a lot of time and money. If you already own a property, however, it’s easy to renovate and extend within your home.

Some common extensions people choose are:

  • Adding or removing internal halls and doorways
  • Adding a second storey
  • Constructing a sunroom or conservatory
  • Skylight additions for natural light

When adding an extension to your house, consider the whole layout before planning. What do you want as the end goal? Lately, more and more people are opting for a large and open space, as well as allowing as much natural light into a room as possible. This can be easy extensions, but where and how you will do this will have a different impact on every room in the house.

A Granny Flat—Not Just for Grannies

One popular addition to a house or property is including a granny flat. A granny flat is an additional living space, sometimes separated from the actual house, that is typically smaller than the house.

The purpose is as the name implies—to keep older relatives close to home and ensure that they are taken care of by someone you can trust.

A granny flat doesn’t extend to just older relatives, however. A granny flat can be a great investment if you’d like to earn extra income. You can rent it out as an Airbnb for a weary traveller or turn it into a guest house if you have regular visits from out-of-town folks. If you live with a larger (or louder!) family, this can also be turned into a small office space where you can break away and get some peace.