Buying Guide of Loft Ladder: Top things You Must Know


If you are in a house having a loft, you can support that its a perfect place where you can store things. However, it best suits storing stuff you will not need to use daily or playroom for kids. The essential thing about loft is that you can easily access it with the help of a loft ladder.

 There are different types of loft ladders you can choose, but the best are fitted, extendable that folds back and can, therefore, be safe when stored out of your way.

How to choose loft ladders

If you are planning to be accessing your loft most of the time, the loft ladder will not be the best choice. You can opt to install a permanent ladder.

However, the loft ladder you choose can be made from aluminum or wood. Most people prefer wooden folding loft ladder. Besides, they also come in either slide, fold, or concertina designs.

  • Picking correct height

If you need to get a loft ladder, pick one with the correct height. So, that you have the right height, measure the height starting from your landing floor up to the top of the roof joints. In most cases, the floor reaches 3m high. When measuring, also remember to your loft hatch’s dimension because of its relevant information.

  • Type of loft ladder

It doesn’t matter with the type of loft ladder you will choose, you will hinge on the loft hatch. Some of the loft ladders will be having handrail giving you an easy process to access your loft space.

Pick an attic or loft ladder that can fit perfectly on your loft hatch. Besides, also take into account about the pivoted height that is needed inside the loft.

There are two categories of loft ladders that you will come across:

Folding and sliding loft ladders

The sliding loft ladders are preferred because they are easy to use and install. These sliding loft ladders have different sections held by spring locking catches in a closed or extended position.

Some of the ladders will have sprung power pivoted arm. It helps in preventing the ladder from falling when under its weight. It is also easy to lift the ladder into your attic roof.

The moment you will open the loft hatch in your house or building, you will lower the sliding ladder using its pole that has been hooked on the bottom of the rail.

Concertina loft ladders

These concertina loft ladders have the principles as the sliding loft ladders. However, for concertina, they will be needing less horizontal or vertical clearance inside the loft.

Concertina loft ladders, on the other hand, they are ideal for people having small homes or where the height of the ceiling is limited.

Moreover, this type of loft ladder varies from sliding and folding loft ladders because it is released with the help of one pole. It is a vital pole because it also plays a significant role while returning the loft ladder inside the attic after use.

Final Word

If you are visiting the nearest store, remember to consider the above tips for a perfect loft ladder. It will depend on your budget to get a quality loft ladder. Always focus on the primary purpose of buying the loft ladder.