Commercial Flooring Options: Why Choose Vinyl Over Carpet


If you are planning on refurbishing your office or restaurant, you’ve probably looked at a lot of options when it comes to flooring. Commercial flooring is a lot different to domestic flooring, each environment demands a certain type of product. Although carpet has its advantages, vinyl flooring is a lot better when it comes to commercial fitouts. If you are looking for commercial vinyl flooring in Halifax, there are several reputable companies you can contact.

When choosing a flooring expert, you must remember to look for these things:

  • Affordable prices
  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Variety of options
  • Reputation within the community

The following is a short comparison between commercial vinyl flooring and carpet flooring.


Selecting a product which is easy to maintain is paramount when it comes to a busy office, gymnasium or high street shop. Although carpet can look good, it won’t stand up to an environment which experiences heavy foot traffic. Vinyl flooring can be swept clean in minutes, whereas carpet can get destroyed in a commercial setting.


Carpets can make an office or any other type of work environment warm, but there are limitations when it comes to style and design. Vinyl is like the chameleon of the flooring world, it can be changed and altered to look like almost anything, including other material.


You may think carpet wins in this department, but you’d be mistaken. Vinyl flooring won’t be beaten on comfort. Installing vinyl over foam creates an incredibly soft and bouncy surface.