How Much Will Driveway Heating Cost You?


Installing a heated driveway is a big investment. However, looking at the convenience, time savings and labor reduction and long-term benefits, it is definitely worth the cost. Moreover, many smart ways can be considered to reduce the cost which can be discussed below. Driveway heating by heavenly heat can guide you with the cost.

Not only are the actual systems expensive, but the labor to install them is too very pricey.

The next thing comes after the workers have gone. Our electric or fuel bill is going to be very high when we turn on the heated driveway system.

Vast amounts of heat are required to melt snow and ice from hundreds and thousands of square feet of driveway and sidewalk.

Many factors go while installing a driveway heating system, such as what kind of system we want, how expensive the materials are in our area and whether we currently have a driveway in place.

For most homeowners who’ll have to demolish an existing driveway to install the heating system, the cost will be nearly around $14 to $24 per square foot. So a 20-by-50-foot driveway will probably cost more than $15,000.

Typically, the cost of a heated driveway system varies from $12-$21 per square foot. The average cost of a radiant heating system installation is $3,892, with a low of $1,300 and a high of $7,500 in that range and it depends on what kind of we want. But, the data doesn’t show the cost to remove the old driveway but show the average asphalt paving cost ($4,457) and concrete driveway cost ($3,650). The range of asphalt driveway projects is greater at $2,000-$25,000 than concrete that varies at $650-$7,091. If your project falls right on the average, then we are looking to build it for $8,594 to install a driveway heating system under asphalt and $7,542 under concrete.

There’s also a cost factor which is involved with operating the system. Water-based systems are usually a little more chargeable initially, but they make that up over time as they use less energy during operation than their electrical counterparts that use a mat or wiring system.

Additionally, we can add a sensor system that automatically turns the system on when it starts snowing, which can add further expense to both installation and operation. Thus, driveway heating by heavenly heat makes you analyse the cost and leads you to a reasonable budget.

DIY Tip: If we are capable than it’s better to rent a jackhammer and a sledgehammer, bust up the old driveway, and haul it off ourselves. If we need to save a little, this is the part of the process that we can do yourself. We can ask our contractor to bid out the demolition part of the process so that we can see how much there is to be saved.