Improve your Garden Soil by Adding Organic Material that Contains all Minerals


When a person decides to plant trees for organic vegetables or gardening, the first thing that they think about is the soil. Not every plant can grow in every type of soil. However, some modifications and adding some nutrients can help in fertilization. Majorly, soil must’ve the capability to retain water and spread nutrition slowly to the plant’s roots.

Soil is the main content in organic gardening. Adding organic substance to soil can help in growth of healthy and productive plants, and crops. If the garden soil is in decent condition, then regular fertilizers are enough for proper growth of plants. Organic soil is humus which is actually decayed leaves, compost, chippings, and grass. It is filled with air for plants to breathe and contains earthworms, bacteria and fungi.

If soil in your garden isn’t productive, then you can add minerals and fertilizers which are readily available in market. Harvest Gold Organics provide mineral-rich soil conditioner to increase the power of soil. HGO soil conditioner contains Silica, Magnesium, Phosphate, Sulfur, Iron, Potash, Manganese, Sodium, Calcium, and Zinc that enriches any kind of soil. It is non-toxic, chemical-free, USDA certified and suitable for indoor plus outdoor planting.

Here is a simple method of preparing good soil with the help of minerals and fertilizers –

  • You can test the soil to determine the measurement or quantity of pH, Calcium, Magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. There are many soil test kits available n market to choose, check garden soil during spring when soil is stable.
  • Another test can be done on hand by feeling the texture of soil to determine the proportion of sand, clay, and silt in it. Remember, silt is more fertile and good for growing plants and if you feel powder when soil is arid and slippery when its wet then it has to be silt, otherwise, rough gritty texture is for sand and smallest pieces that stack together is clay.

Here are some basic tips that should be followed by everyone –

  • Adding organic substance is the only method of improvising soil. If you add compost yearly, then there isn’t any need for other things.

  • Compared to animal manure, plant-based compost have less salt. Both do miracles when added to soil, but plant-based improvises the texture of soil.
  • After surface mulch has broken down, it should be added to soil. However, for good effect, it should be dug inside the soil.

Garden mud should be corrected every quarter. Once you have established garden bed, then you can mix all organic ingredients to it. Good soil is the source of healthy plants.