Is It Possible To Change The Windows Without Work?


One of the things that give the owner of a home more panic is having to make renovations at home. For reasons such as weather, noise, dirt, and also for an economic issue, there are many necessary interventions in the house that are left for later. But what if you could change your windows without doing work?

The first thing you think when facing a reform is that you have endless days ahead: rubble, dust, and a few days repainting the walls of the house so that everything is perfect. Even with the most efficient and careful workers, home works always pose a setback.

How long it takes to install windows without work

The intervention time depends on the number of windows you have at home. Generally, within one or two days, you can have everything ready, as long as the windows are located in places where you can work comfortably. However, the procedure could take a little longer if the replacement of the blinds is also necessary.

Installation of windows without work

If you had to put a ‘but’ to the replacement of windows without having to do tasks, it would be that it is not a decision that you can make on your own. This is because not all windows are suitable to undergo a reform of these characteristics. It will have to be an expert who, after assessing the state of your current enclosures, determines if it is feasible to replace the windows without acting on the fences, guides, claws, and screws that keep it attached to the wall. That is, without intervening on all the elements that make up the window structure.

In that case, you find two alternatives:

Use of pre-frames

For many years now, the pre-frame has been used as a fundamental piece in the installation of windows. This technique allows us to carry out all the masonry work of the property and leave the Toronto Vinyl Replacement Windows to the end. This prevents crystals from being damaged while performing other types of interventions.

Another of the significant advantages is that of future replacements. The use of pre-frames allows modifications, changes, and small reforms without the need for work.

Conservation of the old frame

If the old structure is in good condition, there are no reasons that force you to replace it. Instead, the professional in charge of changing windows in your home will tell you that it is best to use auxiliary profiles. After removing the leaves from the window, a new frame is screwed onto the hole without causing any damage. Subsequently, and before installing the new windows, this auxiliary frame is insulated. The process is much more effective when changing windows from wooden structures to PVC windows since the plastic material better guarantees thermal breakage.