Long Island Subdivision Mapping Services


Maintaining your property and understanding what you can and can’t do with it, can be difficult to understand for an ordinary person that doesn’t have enough knowledge in this field. Many people make a mistake and go over the boundaries which end up in a lawsuit from their neighbor. Besides knowing your property lines, for most upgrades you do to your home, you will need a permit.

These processes can be very complex and it would be great if you have a separated budget for it. It is easier to hire a company that will do the planning and gains a permit for you which will save your time and effort but it will cost you. Your job would be to do some research about Long Island subdivision mapping services so you can have an idea of what needs to be done for your land.

Why Is Property Survey Important?

There are a few reasons why a property survey is done. The main one is to check if the field is worth the amount of money that is provided. Mortgage companies require this which isn’t always legally required. The first thing is to research it before visiting the land. This can include a title search and the whole background of it. Because scammers still exist, they need to make sure who is the right owner. When hiring someone, you will need this paperwork as permission to make changes.

The survey includes visiting the land and making a sketch with boundaries and all the elements that are on it. A professional that does this job needs to be very precise because of the legal aspect of it. Besides the map, it includes a written description that covers the changes that the homeowner can make. It’s a very detailed process that you can’t do on your own if you don’t have the knowledge and permission. Read more here.

How to Find Property Lines?

No matter how long ago, every field and its boundaries were established when that area was made. The information about the location and its legal description should be available in your assessor’s office. The entire area or neighborhood has a plat map with the outlines. Most of the neighborhoods are well-organized and you can see rectangles the same size all over. Every piece of land has its identifying number also known as a parcel number which helps you determine the owner.

The legal description of the property can be written in a few ways. It will be much easier to determine which area belongs to you when it is described in detail with all the measurements. But, you will usually find only the exact location without any details. To translate these legal descriptions, you will need to hire a professional. In some cases, there are hidden markers that are ending points of each section. Even then, most people will hire a professional surveyor to establish accurate lines.

Get more information here: https://www.wikihow.com/Determine-Property-Lines

Hiring a Surveyor

When hiring a surveyor, their job is to make precise measurements including any improvements that were made including backyard shed, swimming pool or driveway. Their role is very important because they might be the ones determining will you be able to build something on that ground. This is determined through inspection of the zone you are located in.

It will cost to hire one, usually around $500. The price is set by the size of your estate and where you live. If the area you live in is in the city center, the price can be much larger. A great tip is to hire someone that already worked in your area because they will enough experience to make the right decision.

Getting a Permit

For everything you do on your land that is considered as construction, you need to have a permit. Some states won’t have problems with smaller changes but you should check with the local department. The permit isn’t issued just because the law says so, it is made to check the project and see if it is safe for the people that live at your home and near it. The cost depends on the size of the project and the location. If you plan to build something, make sure you get a permit on time because sometimes it can take a couple of months.