Renovating Your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathroom Fittings

Redesigning and renovating your bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. All of the basic parts such as toilet, shower and sink are all in great working order but the room just lacks character. What can you do to make the space feel more up to date and inviting?

  • Update the lighting
  • Add Style the mirror
  • Switch up the flooring
  • Refresh the shower
  • Change the wall color
  • Incorporate hardware
  • Install new fixtures
  • Go shopping for some new textiles
  • Make it inviting

Assuming everything is fine in your bathroom and you have done your due diligence to have the plumbing and electrical confirmed as functional and up to code then you can go ahead with the cosmetic changes.

Update the Lighting

This is simple, if you have out of date lights that are over a decade old you purchase a new fixture. The instructions come with the box or you can call in an electrician if you are unsure about installation. If you like your light fixture but it is not the color of your choice, then take it down and paint it with some metallic spray paint. Be sure to use a clear coat over to seal the paint.

Add Style to the Mirror

You do not have to remove your mirror and hang a new one to update the space. You can purchase wood trim and cut it out to create a frame for the mirror. Have fun with it and either stain it to match the existing wood in the bathroom or paint it a vibrant color to make it pop.

Switch Up the Flooring

If the flooring is basic and boring, you can remove it and install new flooring. Laminate flooring is very popular and so is tile. On a budget you can use peel and stick tiles to update the flooring. Cuts must be exact when working around complicated angles and objects like the toilet.

Change the Wall Color

The fastest way to give a room a fresh look is to repaint it. It is amazing how different a space can look when the color is changed. If your room is dark lighten it up, if its bright perhaps try a neutral.

Incorporate Hardware & Install New Fixtures

Adding finishing touches like hardware can complete a vanity and refresh a door. You can change a vanity by replacing a dated sink faucet with a new and modern one. Things like Mimi Coco bathroom fittings along with brands in mass retail stores also have trendy finishes to give any bathroom a touch of elegance.

Go Shopping for Some New Textiles and Make It Inviting

Add some soft touches by incorporating new towels and rugs. These textiles add warmth and dimension. Some potpourri or plug in air fresheners make the room smell nice and some artwork on the wall will add more intrigue.