Splendid Ideas of Mesmerizing Luxury Fountains for your Garden


Who does not love the mesmerizing sound of water in the garden? Chances are higher that you would be transfixed by the fountain or a pool in your garden. You should rest assured that Luxury Fountains or water feature would indicate what the garden is all about. It would not be wrong to suggest that when it has been done in the right manner, it would feel like an ultimate outdoor luxury.

Let us delve on some of the finest luxury fountain ideas that would enhance the overall appearance of your garden.

  • Front yard party

Having a water feature in the front yard could appear no less than an oasis that you pass through quickly. It would be largely inviting. It would have lush landscaping that disguises the fact that the fountain would be little more than a box of concrete dug into the ground.

  • Experiencing the over-water feature

You could make the most of the water feature by building an overhanging deck. It would enable you to walk over it. You should rest assured that such a water feature would maximize the cooling effect. It would also cater you with a real sense of being in an entirely different realm.

  • The soundscape of your garden

The sound of the water falling from the fountain in your garden would be an essential visual element important to consider. A luxury fountain, no matter how minimalist, would be producing the soothing sound of water dripping from it. You should rest assured that the sound of the fountain would drown the city and traffic noise.

  • Decorative triple duty

Is it considered a fountain? Do you consider it a bench seating? Do you believe it to be the best retaining wall you ever come across? You would be surprised that the luxury triple duty fountain would be all three combined. You would relish how the water feature appears beautiful while accomplishing three jobs while at the same time dramatically enhancing the overall appearance of the yard.

  • The bubbler

The ever so soothing bubbler would become an integral aspect of your garden. The wide glazed and sealed stoneware bowl would come equipped with a small bubbler pump. It would help you stir the water providing a great sight for the garden fountain. You would require a reservoir under the bowl.

There have been several more luxury fountain ideas made available online for your distinguish garden detailing needs. You should choose the one suitable for your specific garden decorating needs.