The Best Wood Stain and Sealers


When you are in the market for a new wood stain and sealer for your deck or other outdoor structures, you want to go with one that is not going to break the bank as more expensive does not always mean it is the best one on the market, and you want one that will last you for a long time so you do not have to re-stain and re-seal your structure every year, if ever. You want to buy as conservatively as possible while picking out the one that is going to look great and be as low maintenance as possible. There are eight major types of deck stains and sealers on the market including once-in-a-lifetime preservatives, deck sealers, transparent and semi-transparent stains, semi-solid and solid stains, restorative deck paints, and replacements seals and they all come in a wide range of colors that can leave your deck looking finished or with a more natural look that keeps its rustic charm. The below list is a combined list of all the stains and seals that are considered the best on the market as of right now!

1.) Eco-wood treatment

Eco-wood treatment is a stain and sealant that is a once in a lifetime product. It comes in five different colors for you to pick based on your preferences and what looks best with your house. This option is a little on the pricey side but is often considered worth it as you only have to apply it once and never have to worry about it again.

2.) Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Translucent

If you are looking for the best deck sealer, this is the one to fo with. This sealer protects your outdoor structures like you deck from getting any damage from UV rays from the sun. It also helps to hold in the wood’s natural oils so that they never dry out and start cracking. If you use this sealer it provides a great protective coat and keeps your wood healthy for a very long time.

3.) Ben Moore Arborcoat Clear

This is a transparent deck stain that has very few solids in the solution. This is a great deck stain that will keep your wood healthy, and since it is transparent there are no color options meaning that your wood will maintain its rustic natural look. Since this solution has very few solids in it, it is very thin which means you will have to re-coat your deck or other structures every few years.

4.) DEFY’s semi-transparent stain

This stain and sealer are often considered one of the very best ones on the market. It is gentle on your wallet and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and you really do not have to do any prep to your deck when you go to put it on which is a huge time and money saver. This semi-transparent stain does have some color to it, though not much, and it will have to re-apply his stain every few years. It is also great for things like walking surfaces and hand railings. It is a water-based product so it is easy to wash off before dry, and since it needs to be re-applied every few years it is extremely easy to update any time you want.

5.) Arborcoat

A great product for when you do not want to see the natural grain of the wood. It comes in a wide variety of colors and allows you to customize your deck while making it waterproof and completely protected. It does have a tendency to peel after a few years of being on a deck floor so it will have to be refinished every few years.

If you are unsure which choice to go with, take a few small samples of wood into your local hardware store and ask them for a sample. They can show you what each option looks like and help you find the perfect stain and sealant to make your deck look beautiful and last forever.