Top landscaping services offered by local landscapers in Leicester


Home residents in the Leicestershire area, looking for answers to their garden questions, can confidently turn to the staff at Groby Landscapes. The local, family operated business has helped customers find satisfactory solutions to improve their outdoor space.

Building on your ideas, consideration can be given to your needs, visions, budget and garden size. You can then select the services and products needed to create the perfect framework for your home, making use of the newest materials available and the most up-to-date landscaping techniques. Help is available to guide you through the services they provide, including garden design, planting, paving and patio options.

Consider Adding a Water Feature to Your Garden

A water feature added to your garden design gives you a unique, pleasing touch of nature. It provides a beautiful focal point as well as the advantage of personalizing the area by utilizing river rocks in different sizes and colours and adding inexpensive, flowering water plants. The soothing, soft sounds of nature and gentle movement of the water create a calming, peaceful atmosphere. Many options are available that will conform to the size and style of your space from in-the-ground ponds to simple wall fountains.

The Benefits of Creating a Child’s Play Area

Landscape designs for the family with young children should include open space for the placement of structures for physical play that will provide your child with a sense of freedom and accomplishment. Any size backyard can be modified to bring in opportunities for a young child to climb, swing and slide, while enjoying the experience of colour, texture, smell and diversity of the environment beyond the play area. A child’s suggestions and expectations can be taken into consideration during the development of any play space.

The Enchantment of a Small Garden

A home with limited space can enjoy the pleasure of a small colourful garden that will connect you to the beauty of nature. Small gardens present unique challenges for crafting original designs that will bring the movement of birds and butterflies, the bright colours of each season and the sounds of crystal clear running water right outside your doorstep. Making use of containers, hanging plants, a trellis, statuary, and block paving, can transform a limited space to fit your dream and your lifestyle throughout the year.

Whether you are looking for advice about plants, asking questions about a garden make-over, or exploring design options, talk to their landscaping consultants who are available to serve you.