Top Ways To Make Your Garage Work Better For You


Your garage withstands a lot of wear and tear. Considering it’s the place where you do the grubbiest, nastiest work, shouldn’t it also be easy to maintain and keep clean? Try these simple and cost-effective ways to make your garage work better for you and the projects you complete inside of it.

Guard The Floor

Epoxy flooring looks cool and clean, and it’s super durable. Its moisture barrier protects your floor from getting soaking wet, and you can do things like drive your cars and park your heavy toolboxes over it without fear of it peeling or coming loose. Plus, epoxy is easy to clean; a quick spray with the hose and you’re good!

Implement Storage Solutions

Clutter leads to an inefficient workspace. How can you get the job done if you’re constantly searching for the correct tool or part? Having proper storage in your garage can help you to streamline whatever project you’re working on and keep all your items in one neat and tidy spot. Some great ideas for garage storage might include:

  • Pegboards with hooks for hanging tools, containers and other on-the-job necessities
  • Shelves and storage cabinets
  • Cubbies for things like hardware, screws and nails

Have A Clear Path

With all the heavy and potentially dangerous equipment that you store in your garage, having a clear walkway is essential in protecting yourself and others. Don’t let your amount of stuff become a hazard for anyone entering the garage. Rather than leave things in weird and nonsensical spots, have a place for everything so that nothing is blocking the walkway. A clear pathway prevents tripping hazards and allows a clear entry and exit in case there’s an emergency.

Get Rid Of Extras

It makes sense to have more than one hammer or set of pliers — but eight or nine of them? Take the time to go through all of your items and pare down on what you have. Inefficient storage can hide the things you thought you’d lost, causing you to buy a replacement (or two) when the original one was there all along. Purge your items, donating or giving away things that you have too many of. Keep the one that’s in the best condition and get rid of the rest.

Getting your garage under control to use as an efficient workspace might take some time and elbow grease, but the end result is worth it. Make the space as user-friendly as you can to ensure that all your jobs are done quickly and safely.