Uses and Sales for a Used Shipping Container


It’s 2019 and shipping containers are hype. Who knew these big hunks of metal will be making waves in the architectural world right? It just suddenly happened. One moment they weren’t there and the next thing you know, they’re everywhere. I’m not just trying to get on the bandwagon here but maybe it’s about time we try out shipping containers too.

Shipping containers are typically used to transport cargo – both perishable and non-perishable goods. You know how trading works right? Different countries have different products and they sell whatever they have more to places where it is scarce. It’s a business exchange that helps maintain equal distribution of goods all over the world. Trading is also there to make sure that each country is amply supplied with all things necessary like food, gas, and other materials. We have many countries and all of them engage in international trade – not to mention, we do a lot of domestic trading too. So you can only imagine how many of these cargo containers are produced every year. Learn how they are made here:

But you know what they say: Some come, some go.

This rings true for shipping boxes as well. When they’ve been used for a considerable amount of time, these big metal boxes are sold off for a lower price and replaced with new ones. Trading companies, after all, need to make sure that the products they ship are carefully sealed and packaged at all times. This is not to say old containers are defective, though. They still work completely fine but they probably need to retire to a less rigorous purpose. And being a new home, shed, or office doesn’t sound half bad.There are many ways one can use a shipping container but I guess the more popular ones always have something to do with the architectural industry. To give you a few ideas, here are a few examples of what you can do with a cargo box:

  1. Create A Fun House For The Kids

If you’ve got a spacious backyard but a not-so spacious home, then you probably want to consider this suggestion. Having youngsters in the house can be terribly stressful. After all, not only are they super hype – they make a ton of mess too. If you’re someone who likes things organized, seeing your living room or kitchen in shambles can be very devastating. Instead of stressing out over the same thing each and every day of your life, why not consider their play area elsewhere? Build them their own fun house in your backyard. Let them play, riot, and create chaos however they want in their own personal play space. You can use a container box for this – a smaller one should do the trick. Just have the interior childproofed, install proper ventilation and poof! You’ll get a lot of hair out of your shoulder.

  1. Create An Extra Room

Is your boy growing up too fast? He probably needs his own room then! You can’t have his friends seeing him still sleep with his parents. That would ruin his high school for him. If the family budget is a little tight and the house is only one-storey high, why not consider adding a new floor using fashionable container boxes? I’ve seen a couple of houses do this and it looks adorable. You just need the right inspiration for the design. It will definitely help you save time and cut costs. If you’re not too sure on how to go about it, be sure to approach a professional for help (read more)!

  1. Create A New Storage Shed

Are you having problems with your old storage shed? Is it too cramped and too old? Then maybe it’s time to do a makeover! Build yourself a bigger, better, and stronger storage shed using an old shipping container. With a container box, you can store more stuff in your new shed. I know how much of a pain it is to use such limited space for storage. I mean, with all the stuff inside and outside the house, you’ll need a mini house for all of them to fit comfortably! Luckily, storage boxes are relatively big and spacious. Maybe there’s even enough space to unload the attic too. Attic bedrooms are so trendy right now so you might want to convert your own into one. Move all the unused stuff to your new and improved storage shed and get more space to work with inside the house.Sales for a Used Shipping ContainerThese may just be random ideas but you have to admit, they’re pretty good right? They’re definitely promising – and practical too. Anyway, if you want to make any of them your own, feel free to do so! You can go mild or go wild. The important thing is that you let your creativity work for you. You have to make the best of what you’ve got.

But how much do these containers cost exactly?

Of course, you’re wondering about that. New shipping containers typically cost several hundred dollars  but you can purchase used ones half price – sometimes, even lower than that. You just have to know where to buy it. For starters, you can try contacting manufacturers for information. Some manufacturers sell their old containers at discounted prices but I wouldn’t say that you’d get them at half price. They’re old but it doesn’t mean they’re used, after all. If you really want a good bargain, then inquiring at trading docks or centers is your best bet. Most of the used containers are piled up in these places and some businesses are more than willing to let them go for a fair price. Don’t forget to check online for used cargo boxes as well. Some businesses prefer to dispose their containers online as it is faster.

Anyway, you can find many uses for a shipping container so why not procure one for yourself? Trust me; you won’t regret it.

Well, have fun and good luck!