What is a Berkey Water Filter?


If you have never heard of a Berkey it is understandable that you will be wondering what it is. It is a powerful water filtration system which is known as the Berkey Water Filter System which can filter and purify any type of water. Besides tap water, it can also filter water from lakes, rivers, and even standing water from ponds.

The greatest majority of people in the U.S. are lucky enough to have access to drinkable water; however, the water from our taps still contains many harmful elements that can affect our health. Besides contaminants such as bacteria, tap water can also contain heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, fluoride, and all tap water has chlorine as well.

While a Berkey will remove all these undesired compounds from water, it still leaves in all the minerals that are essential for our well being, including magnesium.  The filtration system also removes any unpleasant odors and tastes from the water. Areas that have very hard water will have a scale build up in their appliances and the use of filtered water is recommended in appliances like kettles and even irons.

After filtration, you are left with the purest, greatest tasting water to drink, cook and make beverages with.

Which features make the Berkey different from other water filtration systems?

  1. Its sturdy stainless steel body gives it a fine appearance and it looks good in any home.
  1. Assembly of the Berkey and its use are both easy.
  1. It is portable and can be taken with on holiday, camping trips and used during emergency situations.
  1. Its filters last for a long time making it economical to use.
  1. No plumbing installation or electricity is needed for the filtration of the water. The system uses gravity to do its job.
  1. With the addition of two PF-2 filters, it will remove arsenic and fluoride from the water.
  1. Up to 95% of heavy metals are removed from the water filtered.
  1. Chlorine levels are undetectable in the water after filtration.
  1. Bacteria and viruses are filtered out by 99.9%

Every home has different water capacity needs so the company that produces Berkey Water Filtration Systems has a variety of models to choose from.

Models to choose from:

  • Travel Berkey – Holds1.5 gallons of water and is great for up to two people or for traveling.
  • Big Berkey – Holds 2.25 gallons and is suitable for two to four people.
  • Royal Berkey – Holds 3.25 gallons and is perfect for a family of four people.
  • Imperial Berkey – Holds 4.5 gallons and is suitable for a family of four and up.
  • Crown Berkey – Holds 6 gallons and is for heavy duty use in large families and offices.

The Berkey Filters

Most Berkey models filter perfectly with two filters. The ones holding a larger capacity of water can have more filters added for faster filtration.  The filters are known as the Black Berkeys and they can last for a long time since they can each filter up to 3000 gallons of water.

The filters are easy to clean and you will need to do this approximately every 12 months. You will notice that the water filters a bit slower than usual, and that is the sign that they need to be cleaned. The process won’t take you longer than ten minutes and all you need is a kitchen sponge and running water.

Take the opportunity to clean the inside of the two canisters when you do the filters. The outside can be wiped with a soft cloth, but the inside should be washed with warm soapy water and rinsed well.

Why investing in a Berkey is cost-effective?

The biggest cost is actually purchasing the Berkey that suits the needs of your family, thereafter the costs are minimal.

The filter will only need to be replaced after eleven years. During that time you will have saved money in a number of ways.

  • You won’t be buying any bottled water, even when going away on holiday, so you will be contributing to keeping the environment plastic free.
  • You won’t have to be replacing any filters on a monthly or yearly basis as with other systems.
  • You won’t need a plumber or electrician to come and do any types of installations.

Investing in a Berkey will give you access to great tasting, contaminant-free water for drinking, cooking and making delicious drinks. Definitely, this is an asset to any home.